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Details on our name change!

I recently made the decision to update my business name. I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason, when they should, and a few variables aligned to point me in this direction. I started out my business as "Whitewood Equestrian", focusing primarily on lessons, and camps. Since the arrival of COVID-19, like many, my business saw many changes. Lessons were put on a major hold, my kids were no longer at school, and I needed to adjust my plans to maintain balance in our lives. My previous business name was not chosen for any particular reason, I needed a name, and it was a random choice... only to realize it was the name of another small, Saskatchewan town. Oops! At that point, the name was registered, and I stuck with it! Since then, I have often thought it would be nice to have something more meaningful, but the opportunity didn't present itself, until recently. My current name was about to expire, I had a suggestion that I loved (from a very great friend), and I was making some changes to the focus of my business... so it seemed like the time was right! That brings me to the new name, that I am pleased to move forward with, is, Asset Equestrian.


I am Tessa McCullough, the owner/coach/trainer, raised in British Columbia, and now living in Saskatchewan. I am an Equestrian Canada certified instructor, with a deep love of eventing, and a background in pony club, eventing, dressage, and jumpers. I aim to offer a very well balanced program, with lots of variety; including, hacking regularly, ground work/ground driving/lunging/in-hand conditioning, hauling to the mountains, and swimming in the lake.

 I'm a mum to two girls who keep me very busy, with their activities and school. For that reason, I only accept new clients on a per-situation basis, and have gone to a clinic-format for teaching lessons.

 I have my own development horses on the go, and (generally) do not accept outside horses. I am happy to get your information, and give you a recommendation based on your specific wants/needs. I am always keeping my eye open for future prospects, so please feel free to contact me if you have something a mount that you think would thrive in our program.

Please see the "clinic" page for pricing and scheduling details.

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