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Tessa McCullough is an avid rider, horsewoman, and mum. She lives near a small town, in NW central Saskatchewan, Canada, with her husband, two daughters, and various animals. Between riding/ training, coaching, sales, and transport, Tessa and her family live a life emmersed in horses. Tessa has a background in Pony Club, Eventing, Dressage, and Jumpers, growing up in the Fraser Valley, British Columbia, then moving to Saskatchewan.

After a couple years of recreational riding, and having her kids, Tessa got back into competing and coaching. For several years, Tessa was teaching 4-7 days a week, at various facilities, when the pandemic forced an abrupt halt to her lesson program. Adapting to the uncertain times, Tessa shifted her focus to the development/sales of her own mounts, prioritizing hers & her daughter’s programs, coaching clinics, and offering full-service sales/deliver across North America.

Tessa’s priority is to develop safe, well-rounded, confident mounts & riders, building a solid connection, developing connection & feel. She truly believes in each horse/rider getting to enjoy the program that fits their lives and goals, with the flexibility and understanding that, that can always change. She offers support and compassion to her students and horses, while pushing them to be the “best” they can be, whatever capacity that is. Whether your ambitions are to be an Olympian, or master (or be safe & mediocre) at walking over as single pole, or enjoying any capacity of equine involvement, Tessa will support & encourage you, on your journey. With a balanced background as a competitive & recreational rider, paired with her horsemanship experience, and developing a wide range of horses, re-starting/rehabilitating many with various health & behavioural issues, Tessa offers great insight & experience. Tessa also offers an online development program, which is an excellent option for riders with limited access.

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